Relocation to Germany - aspects of taxation

A resident of Israel who has relocated to Germany will be considered a resident of Israel for tax purposes, as long as he has not reported the date of severance of residency to the tax authorities in Israel. As a resident of Israel, he will be required to report his income (including his income from abroad) and pay tax in the State of Israel. On the other hand, as a foreign resident, he may be exempt from reporting his income to Israeli tax authorities. Reporting and paying the tax on the income generated abroad to both the tax authorities in Germany and the tax authority in Israel. We will expand on this in the article below.

In the case of a temporary transfer to Germany for a fixed period, the taxpayer usually maintains his status as a "resident of Israel" for tax purposes. (Examination of residency is done according to the internal laws of each of the states. If the assessee holds a "residency" in both countries together, the residency will be decided according to the "equality-breaking" rules in the treaty). The taxation method in Israel is personal. In this taxation method, every resident of Israel is required to report his income, whether it was generated in Israel or abroad. When the stay in Germany is temporary for the purpose of employment under a German foreign employer, the initial right to tax the income from salary received from the local employer will usually be to the tax authority in Germany and Israel will have a residual tax right.

The principle is set out in Article 14 of the Convention between Israel and Germany, which states that the country of origin (where the income was generated) has a primary right to tax income from salary, ie, Germany will have the right to tax Israeli salaries only

Since we are dealing with Israeli residents, there is an obligation to file a tax return and report the income generated in Germany. The income will be taxable at the normal tax rates applicable to an individual resident of Israel and in calculating the taxable income.

The work plan before the tax authority depends largely on the subjective intentions. If a decision is made to move the center of life for a number of years or to immigrate to Germany, it is necessary to begin preparations for the severance of residency from Israel for both tax and social security purposes.

A stay in Germany for more than 183 days constitutes a force in domestic law in the process of severing the residency, but it is not sufficient to complete the process.

Pursuant to the Income Tax Ordinance and many court rulings on the subject, it was determined that in order for you to be recognized as a "foreign resident", significant actions must be taken before leaving Israel as well as throughout your stay in Germany.
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